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R.I.P. Ghédalia Tazartès 10 February 2021

Shocked and speechless to hear that Ghédalia Tazartès has passed away yesterday. To work closely with him on the production of «Ante-Mortem» in 2010 was a personal highlight. Rest in peace. Roger, Hinterzimmer Records

Z’EV passed away 17 December 2017

It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Z’EV on December 16, 2017. I was very honoured when back in 2011 he proposed to release the first, and seemingly only, product by GHOST TIME –  the trio of Z’EV, Ken Hyder and Andy Knight – on Hinterzimmer Records. It remains to be one of my favourite albums on the label. Rest in peace. Roger, Hinterzimmer Records

Hinterzimmer Records on Bandcamp 25 July 2017

Hinterzimmer Records is finally on Bandcamp. This gives you the possibility to stream some of the releases in its entirety. www.hinterzimmer.bandcamp.com

Deletions 16 December 2014

The Voice Of Trees by Lumbomyr Melnyk is now sold out, as well as Sous Les Etoiles by Kiko C. Esseiva. A repress of one of these titles is rather uncertain.


Interview with Roger Ziegler, co-producer of Ante-Mortem 17 November 2013

Great text about the life and work of Ghédalia Tazartès, including an extensive interview with Roger Ziegler of Hinterzimmer Records.


New Lubomyr Melnyk album 28 July 2013

Hinterzimmer Records announces a brand new Lubomyr Melnyk album. After releasing his early Eighties composition The Voice Of Trees for two pianos and three tubas for the first time ever (apart from a CD-R version sold directely by Melnyk through his website), the collaboration between the Canadian composer and pianist and the Swiss record label results in a CD that will feature two new compositions: Windmills and The Song Of Windmill's Ghost. The composer writes: «Windmills is my major work of the past 15 years. It is a tour de force for my signature 2-piano work, as it takes us through a dramatic and emotional sequence in the life of an old and battered windmill - from the turning of its gears to its beautiful closing Finale ». Planned release date is 1 October 2013.


Virgil Moorefield
tour dates
14 March 2013

5 + 6 April: Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich

11 April: Dampfzentrale Bern

13 April: Gare Du Nord Basel

16 April: NK Berlin


Ghost Time / PRSZR /
Virgil Moorefield / Tazartès
10 November 2012

After a bit of a delay, we're proud to present two new items, both debut albums. Definitely worth the wait! First up is Ghost Time, a new trio featuring the renowned percussionist and Industrial Music legend Z’EV, joined by the Scottish vocalist, drummer and free music activist Ken Hyder, as well as English trumpet player Andy Knight. They've recorded some strange & wonderful, intensely psychedelic music, a trip in fact! Then there’s the debut album from the German-Polish trio PRSZR, mixing electronic drones and ritual percussion sounds to create an amalgamation of forceful atmospheric sounds and moods.

Coming in February is a major release by composer Virgil Moorefield and his ensemble, a CD/DVD double-header. Moorefield – an American who's recently moved back to Switzerland, where he grew up- has had a diverse career, which has included drumming for Glenn Branca and Swans, a doctorate in composition from Princeton, and a well-received book, The Producer As Composer (MIT Press). He's released four albums of his music for his avant-experimental ensemble to date, notably on the Tzadik and Innova labels. The new release will feature both ensemble and intermedia works.

Last but not least, the long-awaited Ghédalia Tazartès CD-reissue of Voyage à l’ombre from 1997 will be available in early 2013.


Upcoming releases 26 February 2012

Two new items are going to be released end of march: the long awaited new album by Kiko C. Esseiva, follow-up to Sous Les Etoiles from 2004, and Ghédalia Tazartès‘ Ante-Mortem on vinyl. This is going to be an LP + 7“ set, the latter containing those fabulous two Ave Maria interpretations  that were included on the CD as bonus tracks.

Also before summer there will be two new fantastic debut-CDs on Hinterzimmer: One is the first oeuvre of a new band called PRSZR (pronouned ‚pressure‘). This is a collaborative project of Austrian electronic music veteran Pure together with Polish percussion duo Hati.

Second one is the debut release of a new band project around industrial music legend Z’EV. He joines forces with Scottish percussionist and vocalist Ken Hyder and English trumpet player Andy Knight. They call themselves Ghost Time and definitely sound like nothing else that Z’EV was involved in so far.

Last but not least, there will be a re-release of Ghédalia Tazartès masterpiece Voyage A L’Ombre from 1997 later this year. This album came out on French label Demosaurus and is almost impossible to find since more than 10 years.

Two imminent releases on CD and LP 25 October 2011

New releases are finally in the pipeline!

One is the first official release of a lost Minimal Music masterpiece of the 80ies. Lubomyr Melnyk, Canadian composer and pianist with Ukrainian origins, born 1948, recorded the piece ‘The Voice of Trees’ in 1983 but it only appeared on a very small run of CD-Rs. We are proud to make that epic composition - that does not need to hide behind major works of Steve Reich, Philip Glass or Terry Riley - available in a newly mastered version for the very first time on CD. Lubomyr Melnyk is accompanied by tuba player Melvyn Poore, who became a member of renowned ensemble Zeitkratzer later in his career. This CD is going to be available in about a week.

Second new release ist the second vinyl production on Hinterzimmer Records. After Ural Umbo, Reto Mäder presents another duo project, this time together with local mate Mike Reber from Herpes Ö DeLuxe. It’s called Pendulum Nisum and is an atmospheric mix of organic drone soundforms, field recordings and studio trickery. This LP is available NOW!    

Interview with label managers 15 February 2011

German website Nonpop.de did an extensive Interview with Reto Mäder and Roger Ziegler from Hinterzimmer Records. Check it here: www.nonpop.de

Hinterzimmer releases available as downloads 09 January 2011

Hinterzimmer releases – so far the latest five catalogue numbers at least – are now digitally available through Diogenes Music. This London company is specialised on promoting and selling digital files (MP3, WAV and FLAC) of experimental music. Some of the labels you find on their platform are Alga Marghen, Blossoming Noise, Bo'Weavil, Dekorder, Staubgold and many more: Diogenes



Hinterzimmer Records

Hinterzimmer Records is a label based in Bern, Switzerland. The aim is to search with an open focus and open ears for a wide range of musical creations that are generally held together by the musicians passion and love for music. Hinterzimmer Records is run by Roger Ziegler, who is a member of the group Herpes Ö DeLuxe. Until the end of 2011, Reto Mäder (RM74, Ural Umbo, Sum Of R) was co-managing the label but quit to concentrate on his own musical creations. To contact him, send an e-mail to: rm74@earthling.net


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