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Ghost Time  

Ghost Time is Ken Hyder, Z'EV and Andy Knight.

Z'EV  (1951-2017) was an American poet, percussionist and sound artist. He was regarded as a pioneer of Industrial Music. After studying various world music traditions, he began creating his own percussion sounds out of industrial materials. Consider your music collection - Einstürzende Neubauten? Test Department? Z'EV's been there first.  

His work with text and sound has been influenced by Kabbalah, as well as African, Afro-Caribbean and Indonesian music and culture. He has studied Ewe (Ghana) music, Balinese gamelan and Indian tala. He released records together with Genesis P. Orridge, John Duncan, Chris Watson, Stephen O'Malley, Oren Ambarchi, Boyd Rice, K.K. Null, Andrew McKenzie and many others, on labels such as Touch, Tzadik, Southern Lord, Editions Mego, Sub Rosa and Soleilmoon.

Ken Hyder is a Scottish jazz fusion drummer and percussionist, perhaps best known for combining Folk, Ethnic and Celtic Music with Jazz. He has worked and recorded with many musicians, including Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow, God), Maggie Nicols, Phil Minton, Sainkho Namtchylak, Keith Tippett and Elton Dean (Soft Machine).

Andy Knight is an English trumpet player.

A glance at the group's websites will reveal the breadth of their experience and endeavours:


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