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PRSZR is PURE (Peter Votava) and HATI (Rafal Iwanski & Rafal Kolacki)

Peter Votava is a composer and performer of electronic music since more than 20 years. Starting as a DJ and Techno producer in the early 1990s he turned towards experimental electronic music. This went hand in hand with his engagement in computer programming which led him to develop his own software instruments. He now uses this knowledge for computer based live performances and teaching. Together with Erich Berger he founded the Heart Chamber Orchestra in 2003. His latest studio album als PURE, «Ification», was released by Portuguese label Cronica in 2008. Votava holds a Master of Arts in Computer Music from the University of Plymouth (UK).

HATI (Rafal Iwanski and Rafal Kolacki) is an audio project based on sounds of ethnic instruments as well as hand-made instruments and found objects. HATI forms a link between a personal interest in improvised acoustic music and ritual and meditation. The band has performed many times throughout Europe and in the USA since 2003.  Live collaborations took place with John Zorn, Steve Buchanan & Heike Fiedler, Robert Curgenven, Raymond Salvatore Harmon and Z’EV with whom they also released two full length albums. Both members curate the CoCArt Music Festival in cooperation with the Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland.  Rafal Iwanski performs solo as X-NAVI:ET, presenting a combination of analog electronic devices, acoustic instruments and field/found recordings. Rafal Kolacki is responsible for the audio-visual project Tonopolis, consisting of field recordings from Torun, remixed by various sound artists including himself.


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