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Ralf Wehowsky founded the group P.D. (in 1981 renamed P16.D4) and the label Wahrnehmungen (in 1982 renamed Selektion) in 1980. P16.D4 were one of the most influential groups of experimental industrial music. They developed concepts of ‚Materialaustausch‘ long before the term remix was even coined. For their live appearances they were equally at home at Punk- and No Wave-festivals as at the holy grails of academic avantgarde like the ‚Ferientage Neuer Musik Darmstadt‘. Since the early 90s Wehowsky worked under his own name RLW. His quiet, highly complex style of composition, based on artifacts of instrumental and electronic lateral noises, is influential for numerous artists in the fields of electronic and improvised music.

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