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RM74 is the solo project of Swiss musician Reto Mäder who lives in Bern. His take on electronic music as it sits side by side with ‘real’ instrumentation - organ, piano, harp, gong, guitar, kalimba, horn - is quite unique. He meshes electronics with instruments in such a way as to make both sides of the fence talk to one another. It’s a cryptic and wide open language between drifting electro-acoustic music, minimal instrumental figures, experimental electronics and slow-growing melodies.

Apart of RM74, Reto Mäder plays in the duo Ural Umbo (with Steven Hess of Haptic, On and Pan American) as well as in his project Sum Of R. He has produced albums for Rhys Chatham (The Bern Project, 2009) and for Herpes Ö DeLuxe (Kielholen, 2007). From 2006 to 2011 Reto Mäder has run Hinterzimmer Records together with Roger Ziegler.


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