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irgil Moorefield  
Virgil Moorefield  

Virgil Moorefield is a composer, intermedia artist, author, and drummer. Previous CDs of his composer-led ensembles include Things You Must Do to Get to Heaven (Innova), The Temperature in Hell is Over 3,000 Degrees (Tzadik), and Distractions On the Way To the King's Party (Cuneiform). A vinyl EP, Transformations, was issued on Slipped Disc. His book, The Producer As Composer, is published by MIT Press. As a freelance drummer based in New York, Moorefield worked with numerous rock and avantgarde artists, notably with proto-industrial giants Swans, and as the sole drummer for Glenn Branca’s massive Hallucination City: 100 Guitars, with which he toured from 2006-2008. Essentially self-taught, Moorefield eventually went on to earn a Ph.D. in composition from Princeton University. He also holds an advanced degree in comparative literature from Columbia University, and was formerly a professor of music and media at Northwestern and the University of Michigan. He lives and works near Zürich, Switzerland.


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