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Lubomyr Melnyk - The Voice of Trees  
Ghédalia Tazartès Sold Out
Voyage à l'ombre


Running time: 69.41
4-panel chipboard sleeve
Released 2013

The complete, unabridged masterpiece from 1997. Almost impossible to find since more than 10 years.

One of France's most idiosyncratic talents, Ghédalia Tazartès has since the mid-70's mined a sui generis universe of berserk intoning and wailing glossolalia vocalization, rough hewn tape collage and loose ethno-instrumental mulch, all elements frottaging each other against their inherent grains to much screwy amusement. Voyage à l’ombre, originally issued on CD in 1997 and re-released in 2012 on LP (with almost 30 minutes of the original recordings missing!), is the work of a world class mad hatter and is one of his most cohesive albums. The start of the eponymous title suite begins with Tazartès in maximal looning-in-the-shower mode as he cheerfully bleats along with scratchy old 20's era 78's; a bare-bones first salvo for a suite that's amongst Tazartès sparsest. It's a deeply mental display, yet oddly effecting in some inscrutable fashion and it's precisely this sort of ferreting out of latent emotionally charged content in the middle of dadaland that is a hallmark of this inscrutable character's whacked methodology and self-evident genius. (text partly taken from Mutant Sound Blog)


1. – 7. voyage à l’ombre Play .mp3 (1.9 Mb)
8. berceuse
9. chanson d’automne
10. les ivrognes amoureux
11. le crabe
12. la grand-mêre
13. petit monsieur tazartès
14. grand monsieur tazartès
15. il doit gagner pour conserver son titre
16. il a loupé son looping, cette lope
17. chanson
18. coup de bol
19. transmalabar
20. tazardrama
21. tentatives Play .mp3 (4.3 Mb)
22. malina

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