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Kiko C. Esseiva - Drôles d'Oiseaux  
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Drôles d'Oiseaux


Running time: 48.53
4-panel chipboard sleeve
Released 2012


Kiko C. Esseiva is a composer with Swiss and Spanish roots who lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. He  creates electroacoustic sound pieces that are, not unlike those of the French master of the genre  Luc Ferrari, warm, non-academic and colourful, spreading a humanity and richness that is far away  from the sterility of a lot of today’s electronic compositions. He creates very diversified atmospheres  which combine acoustic instruments, noise, human voices, field recordings and static sheets  of sound with a stunning freshness and musicality that also brings to mind the very narrative nature  of some older Nurse With Wound works.

Four years after Sous Les  Etoiles – his second full length album –, Hinterzimmer Records comes  up with another great work of this fine composer whose musique concrète is without any doubt  «cinéma pour l’oreille».

«Purists might deem it pop concrète, but I haven’t tittered so much since I first heard Nurse With Wound’s A Sucked Orange and praise doesn’t come higher than that.» (Wire about Sous Les  Etoiles)

«Every incident is placed exactly where and when it should be, episodes succeeding according to a far-sighted architecture that nonetheless tends to forget rules every once in a while in favour of a healthy anarchy (…)This is the kind of listening experience that often leaves with the mouth agape, wanting more when the disc is over. Then it’s back to the miserable normality of ‘regular’ everyday noise.» (Touching Extremes about Sous Les Etoiles)

1. Epigraphe Et Ouverture
2. Safe'n'Sound Play .mp3 (4.8 Mb)
3. Lézardes
4. Je Vole Play .mp3 (1.7 Mb)

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