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Kinit Her - Glyms or Beam of Radicall Truthes  
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Glyms or Beame of Radicall Truthes


Running time: 46.09
4-panel chipboard sleeve
Released 2009


Kinit Her are triumvirate a realm of qliphotic vibrations. As Spring emerged from a snowfall record-setting Winter, these  three Wisconsinites holed up in basements and bedrooms to create an opus of eastern-European folk melodies and black metal washes embroidered with witches croons and crystalline sonic manipulation. Having released the equivalent of  their right-hand path with another recording project, The World On Higher Downs (Plop), Kinit Her turned to their night-side for Glyms. On songs like The Arc of Acuity and Crypt Cathedral Shrine mischievous string arrangements are  brought to the fore, while tracks like Quadriga and Falling Aeroliths are massive guitar driven triumphs. Glyms or Beame of Radicall Truthes pulls its magico-philosophical inspiration from a wide array of sources from the  Purple Analects of Taoism, to the Western esoteric tradition, up to modern day conspiracy theories. Musically, the  record is informed by the 80’s british underground experimental scene, 90’s Scandinavian black metal, and the  timelessness of all folk currents.  Dip into Glyms and sense something of the mesh of fear and suffering and regimentation and bloody scarifices from  which civilization has meant to escape. When the band began to roam about its twelve volumes, a condensation was announced and it seemed incredible that such richness could be brought within the compass of a single work. But by some magic of their own, Kinit Her brought about this condensation, in which brilliance will remain.


1. Quadriga Play .mp3 (3.8 Mb)
2. The Arc of Acuity
3. Hierophant Pentadrome Play .mp3 (3.4 Mb)
4. The Fifth Refract
5. Serpent’s Television
6. Opal Empire
7. Topaz of The Dead Giant
8. Colossal Portal
9. Crypt Cathedral Shrine
10. Rabbitdom
11. Shy Taxes
12. Falling Aeroliths

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