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Rashomon - The Finishing Line  
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The Finishing Line (Film Music Vol. 2)


Running Time: 45.25
Arigato Pak
Released 2010


Second full-lenght album from Rashomon (aka Guapo founding member Matt Thompson). Inspired by John Krish’s  scaremongering public information broadcast The Finishing Line (1977), the record is a sonic re-imagining of the film as haunted meditation on the power of memory, drawing the listener into a claustrophobic sense of unease and mounting horror. An amalgam of library music, 1970s prog soundtrack, musique concrète and spectral jazz.


1. The First Race (9 And Under Fence Breaking)
2. The Second Race (12 And Under Stone Throwing) Play .mp3 (7.5 Mb)
3. The Third Race (Last Across)
4. The Fourth Race (All Ages Tunnel Walk)

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