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Strotter Inst. - Minenhund  
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Running time: 59.56
4-panel chipboard sleeve
Released 2009


Minenhund is the latest work from Switzerland’s Christoph Hess aka Strotter Inst. Hess creates music through the  use of old, modified, Lenco turntables. Rubber bands are stretched and plucked by the stylus, dubplates have tape  affixed in patterns to create textural rhythms, electrical current is sent via live wires to the needle to create pulsing  feedback. These sounds are then manipulated by Hess through effects pedals to create dense sound structures, looping  rhythms and multilayered broken beats. For Minenhund, Hess also introduced and manipulated sounds from other  records, primarily spoken-word records purchased cheaply from second-hand stores.

Minenhund is a co-release of Swiss label Hinterzimmer Records and Baltimore’s Public Guilt (Zu, Aluk Todolo, Dälek,  Darsombra, Destructo Swarmbots...)


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