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Lubomyr Melnyk - The Voice of Trees  
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Running time: 54.07
4-panel chipboard sleeve
Released 2012


PRSZR is PURE (Peter Votava) and HATI (Rafal Iwanski & Rafal Kolacki).

PRSZR (pronounced pressure) combines the eerie, computer generated sound world of Austrian electronic music veteran PURE with the archaic, outer-worldly spaceyness of Polish duo HATI's percussion play. Multi-layered syncopatic polyrhythms alternate with gong-based drones, both built on top of computer-generated loops and pulsating patterns. Melting acoustic with electronic aesthetics in a unique way, the trio explores strategies for a highly hypnotic, cathartic sonic experience.

PRSZR formed in 2008 and played a few promising live shows since. Equilirium is their first album release.


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